The Beneficial Business Exchange

Tell us what you need — or how you can help



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Bringing together organizations in need with those that can help

In times of crisis, keeping organizations connected is more important than ever. When your organization has an urgent short-term need for goods or services, a nearby company might be poised to help — if only it knew about the need.

That’s where the Beneficial Business Exchange comes in. With relationships in communities across the country, the American Heart Association is launching this platform to help facilitate critical connections needed to bridge the gaps.

For example:

  • A hospital and a hotel might work together to provide rooms for nurses flown in to help during a health crisis like COVID-19.
  • A regional food bank could take advantage of a shipping company’s idle trucks to refrigerate extra meals for schools who are feeding entire families now, not just students.
  • A communications companies might provide hotspots to communities with under-resourced schools so students without internet access at home can keep learning.
  • A company may offer to have their employees volunteer to assemble food and care packets for a national not-for-profit.


Tell us what you need — or how you can help

We make it easy. All posted needs, assets, and resources are arranged geographically so it’s easy to make a match. 

If your organization has resources to offer — or needs help — go to our Needs & Opportunities page.


A few rules:

  • The exchange is for broad-scaled exchanges between businesses and organizations, not individuals—the focus is on organizational/community needs and helping donors meet those.
  • No selling of products/services; donations only.
  • No illegal or unhealthy items (e-cigarettes, guns, ammunition, alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs), or items that require a license or permit to distribute unless the donor has such license or permit, may be offered through this exchange.
  • No cash (donating or seeking donations, even from other non-profits) may be offered through this exchange.
  • No sugary drinks, candy or cannabis products may be offered through this exchange.
  • No Trademarks may be posted in the exchange; use organizational names only, please.


The legal stuff:

  • The AHA is providing this free space during these extraordinary times as a public service and receives no consideration from those offering items here.
  • AHA makes no guaranties or assurances, such as to quality or suitability, about any items or services offered through or related to this exchange or whether the donor has the legal authority to provide the donation.
  • AHA makes no endorsement about the credibility of those asking for or those offering items or services through or related to this exchange.
  • Donors provide the items directly to the recipients, not to the AHA; thus, the AHA is not able to offer any receipt or indication of tax deductible contributions.
  • Donors and recipients must work out delivery details (cost, time, location, etc.).
  • AHA may terminate this service at any time without notice and may remove any item or request at any time if, at AHA’s sole discretion, AHA believes the item inappropriate for this public service.