16,000 heart healthy snacks for Atlanta Public School students

May 27, 2020

Once the Atlanta Public Schools (APS), converted to online classes due to COVID-19 the AHA Metro Atlanta team began to work with APS to determine needs. COVID-19 disrupted APS’ ability to serve nutritious meals. Each week, 16,000 students received a week’s worth of breakfast and lunch meals in one pick-up. USDA guidelines allow for APS to only distribute two meals per day during this current emergency feeding scenario, therefore, one additional area of need was snack items for children. The Metro Atlanta team rose to the occasion and quickly began reaching out to its Board members and other funders. Delta Airlines already contributing 100,000 pounds of snacks then reached out to their vendors. As a result, Dole contributed over 10,000 pounds of heart healthy snacks to APS.

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